Lawyers make your professional career soar among the others by listing yourself on ICCI. We have simple and easy packages for lawyer and advocates.

Lawyers Package
The best choice for any user seeking to advertise it's services with extra value features
  • 1. Full Personal Profile Web Page
  • 2. Free Profile ID
  • 3. Free Hosting
  • 4. Free Google Map Listing
  • 5. Logo/ Company Name
  • 6. Cover Image/Header Image
  • 7. Content About Us 250 words
  • 8. Image Gallery up to 9 Images Free
  • 9. Business Hours
  • 10. Contact Form
  • 11. FAQ Section
  • 12. Free SEO of Your Web Page
  • 13. Top Ranking in Google Search
  • 14. Top Winning Cases
  • 15. Education, Working Experience
  • 16. Personal Details Like Email Address, Mobile, PTCL
  • 17. WhatsApp Marketing
  • *Annual Charges
  • Rs.1250/year


Get Your Content Noticed

ICCI is an online listing publishing platform that favors lawyers and advocates in every way possible. It allows lawyers to share content, enhance SEO and gain better prospects. We have simple and easy packages for lawyers as low as PKR 1250/year.

Some of the benefits of ICCI for lawyer profile include:

  • Content Sharing to a whole new audience.
  • Ability to add a document viewer on your website.
  • Increase search engine optimization of your content.
  • Using gated content to create leads.

 Full Personal Profile Web Page

A lawyer’s professional profile page attains many business goals, including:

  • Showing empathy and demonstrating a lawyer understands the meaning and problems of the client, even before a prospect makes contact.
  • To express explicitly how the perspective of the lawyer is different from that of other lawyers.
  • Showing social evidence with other client examples, even if anonymized,
  • Having a referral to your lawyer to take steps to make an appointment.

Free Profile ID

ICCI offers a free profile ID for lawyers. It includes a profile photo as well. While mobile cameras are getting better, a professionally shot photograph sets the tone of your lawyer’s profile page, and it should go without saying.

We can keep your style easy, based on our experience working with businesses that have multiple locations.

Free Hosting

ICCI offers free web hosting for your profile page. Our user-friendly platforms supply users with customizable templates and design tools that lawyers can adjust to best communicate with visitors. Lawyers can build professional portfolios that are easy to display to potential clients. If you want to bring your lawyer profile template into a subdomain then, ICCI is the ideal option for you.

Free Google Map Listing

You will be offered free Google map listing.

Logo/ Company Name

A huge variety of logo options will be given to you to choose from. Experts at ICCI will suggest your firm’s name.

Cover Image/Header Image

We will add cover and header image that suit best your professional profile design.

Content About Us 250 words

That’s a bonus! You will be offered “About Us” content for free.

Image Gallery up to 9 Images Free

ICCI offers image gallery for free up to 9 images. We will keep the background as simple as possible. We will update the images every few years, as people tend to age!

We make sure the photographs will work when reduced in size (for example, on LinkedIn profiles, event programs, etc.)

Business Hours

We will list your business hours so that the prospect buyers can contact you in best of your availability. ICCI also offers a variety of lawyer advertising services to help lawyers get more exposure on the ICCI website and show up at the top of the lawyer directory pages.

These services include display ads as well as custom websites which can be linked up to an ICCI profile to more easily monitor the effectiveness of your overall ICCI marketing strategy.

Contact Form

We will create a complete contact form at the end of your lawyer profile page. So, your prospects can easily contact you.

FAQ Section

After consulting the characteristics questions asked by clients, we will add FAQ section.

 Free SEO of Your Web Page

Profile page creation is the search engine optimization procedure that may be accomplished by every lawyer who knows the way to enroll site. It will not compromise your time.

Produce your accounts and fill in all your details, making the link excellent. ICCI offers heavily discounted services to lawyers including 24/7 support, regular backups and improved output through a content distribution network.

Top Ranking in Google Search

Lawyer profile page creation is quite beneficial to boost your website ranking. It’s very simple to technique link. Contact us and just begin submitting your profile onto us. We guarantee you the best kind of link from profile creation entry.

We also allowed our document viewer to extract the text from your document so that search engines such as Google and Bing could crawl and index content. They will also collect all of the text and links that you include in your title, definition and biofields!

Top Winning Cases

We will add top winning cases that you feel proud about. If you have received relevant awards recently (within the past 5 years), we will add them. This section can include industry-specific awards or Chambers.

We know how lengthy those submissions are, you should make the most of them by adding them to your one-page website.

Education, Working Experience

Everyone assumes that a lawyer has a degree in law, but listing their credentials reveals that the lawyers are a hands-on professional group. Many lawyers do have a second degree (i.e. Commerce, Humanities, etc.) and others have postgraduate or Accredited Specialty qualifications.

We will add comprehensive details of your education and working experience.

  • Demonstrated experience in a specific industry.
  • Multiple languages spoken.
  • Experience working in the field before becoming a lawyer.
  • Prior experience as an attorney in-house. Especially when General Counsel and in-house staff are your ideal clients.

Personal Details Like Email Address, Mobile, PTCL

We will add important personal details including:

  • Physical Address
  • Direct Office Number
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email Address

WhatsApp Marketing

An effective WhatsApp Marketing campaign will be offered to you. Also, we will add links to your social profiles, particularly LinkedIn.

Below is a general guide for the most common social profiles.

Facebook – It’s likely to be irrelevant.

LinkedIn – Yes, and keep your profiles updated.

Twitter – Only if it’s a work account.

What Will You Get?

Personal Web Profile

Free Profile ID

Free Hosting

Google Map Listing

Cover/Header Image

Content Aboutus

Image Gallery

Share Your Skills

Business Hours

Contact Form

FAQ Section

Free SEO

Top Ranking In Google Search

Top Winning Cases


Working Experience

Website Link

WhatsApp Marketing

Share Your Social Links

Share Your Personal Details

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. ICCI.PK helps you find it easy and fast.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. ICCI.PK helps you find it easy and fast.




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