ICCI Premium
Ultimate solution for a professional business holder
  • Full Business Profile web page
  • Free Profile ID ICCI.pk/your business name
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Google Map Listing
  • Logo - Company Name
  • Cover Image or Header Image or Full page Header Image
  • Description of 500-700 Words
  • Cover Image or Header Image or Full page Header Image
  • Image Gallery up to 18 images
  • Youtube Videos
  • Image Slider up to 5 Images
  • Free SEO Submissions
  • Product Sale Option up to 10
  • Website Link
  • Email, Mobile, Phone details
  • Opening & Closing Hours
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Form
  • FAQ Section
  • *Annual Charges
  • Rs.3950/year


You do need to exploit the customers who are searching for your brand or company online. Since most of the business is now done through digital media or online. It is where the online listing websites come to play.

With online listings, the customers can readily access your business details when they are ready to choose you!

Why Choose ICCI

  • The information is correct and consistent across all networks.
  • Precise listing of companies plays a role in local SEO.
  • Business listing is a part of publicity/marketing.




It is becoming harder now to find professional websites over the Internet. ICCI.pk is just a concentrated effort for all parts of our net population to meet this need.

ICCI.pk is becoming the most popular listing website for all age groups including students, professionals, youth, teachers, parents and all members of the family like it the most. We try our best to include all the important resources and knowledge that are applicable to your daily needs.

At ICCI, we understand the complex integration demanded by the management of business listings. Our team has experience in knowing your market and target audience and tailoring your website’s strategy for optimal traffic via online listings.

Our ICCI Signature package is ideal for enterprises and established businesses.

  • We offer complete development of your one-page profile with backend support and maintenance.
  • You will get free Google map listing and absolutely free web hosting.
  • With top search engine ranking, your prospects will find you easily.
  • There is a 30% increase in revenue of our clients since they opted for our ICCI Signature package.



Our ICCI Signature package includes:

Full Business Profile web page

The creation of personal and professional websites is simpler than ever. Although many profile plans for enterprises and established businesses come with super-simple site builders for free to help businesses get online quickly. Our leading platform can handle free hosting and drag-and-drop design.

Our user-friendly platforms supply users with customizable templates and design tools that business owners can adjust to best communicate with customers. You can build professional portfolios that are easy to display to your customers and potential prospects.


Free Profile ID noumani1.sg-host.com/your business name

ICCI offers free profile ID for enterprises and established businesses. It includes profile photo as well. While mobile cameras are getting better, a professionally shot photograph sets the tone of your business profile page.

We will set up free profile ID and free business name if necessary.


Free Hosting

ICCI offers free web hosting for your profile page. Our user-friendly platforms supply users with customizable templates and design tools that enterprises and established businesses can adjust to best communicate with their customers. Business owners can build professional portfolios that are easy to display to potential clients. If you want to bring your business profile template into a subdomain then, ICCI is the ideal option for you.

Why Our Web Hosting Is The Best?

  • Outstanding Technical Support
  • Improved Site Performance
  • Improved Website Security
  • Domain-Associated Email Address
  • High Reliability and Uptime


Free Google Map Listing

You will be offered a free Google map listing.

Logo/Company Name

A huge variety of logo options will be given to you to choose from. Experts at ICCI will suggest your firm’s name.

Cover Image/Header Image Or Full page Header Image

We will add cover and header images that suits best your professional profile design.


Description of 500-700 Words

That’s a bonus! You will be offered a “description” content of 150-200 words for free.

Image Gallery up to 18 images

ICCI offers an image gallery for free up to 9 images. We will keep the background as simple as possible. We will update the images every few years, as people tend to age!

We make sure the photographs will work when reduced in size (for example, on LinkedIn profiles, event programs, etc.)

YouTube Videos

We also offer YouTube animation or general video marketing. Our video marketing benefits you by:

  • Boosting conversion rates
  • Making a great add-on to your email marketing campaigns
  • Extreme benefits on search engines as they love videos
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Encouraging social shares

Image Slider up to 5 Images

You will be offered 5 image sliders with 1 to 2 liner content.


Free SEO Submissions

ICCI signature package also offers free SEO submission.

How does it help?

  • Increases Your Brand Awareness
  • Greater revenue
  • Lead generation
  • More inbound links

Product Sale Option up to 10

Around 10 of your most famous or most purchased products will be listed on ICCI so buyers can easily make a purchase online.

Website Link

We take your PDF, images, and text and transform them using your design and ICCI’s business profile template to give you a native experience on desktop, mobile web, app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and all other social networks. We will also share the website link with you.


Email, Mobile, Phone details

We will add important personal details including:

  • Physical Address
  • Direct Office Number
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email Address


Opening & Closing Hours

We will list your opening and closing hours so that the prospect buyers can contact you in best of your availability. ICCI also offers a variety of digital marketing services to help businesses get more exposure on the ICCI website and show up at the top of the online directory pages.

These services include display ads as well as custom websites which can be linked up to an ICCI profile to more easily monitor the effectiveness of your overall ICCI marketing strategy.


Social Media Links

It is the world of social media! We will manage your social profiles and publish your work and achievements on social networks.

Below is a general guide for the most common social profiles.

Facebook – It’s likely to be irrelevant.

LinkedIn – Yes, and keep your profiles updated.

Twitter – Only if it’s a work account.


Contact Form

We will create a complete contact form at the end of your profile page. So, your prospects can easily contact you.


FAQ Section

After consulting the characteristics questions asked by clients, we will add the FAQ section.

What Will You Get?

Full Business Profile Web Page
Free Profile ID
Free Hosting
Free Google Map Listing
Logo/Company Name
Header Image
Description Content
Image Gallery
Website Link
Email & Mobile Details
Opening & Closing Hours
Social Media Links
Contact Form
FAQ Section
Youtube Videos
Online Products Store

ICCI makes success
together with you!

Objectively innovate business listing and techniques with you.
Listing as a business
List yourself as a business and get started
Bright ideas
With numerous bright ideas, grow your business digital
Improving Business
Going digital helps you boost your business
Earn more
Earn more with more leads and revenue

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. ICCI.PK helps you find it easy and fast.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. ICCI.PK helps you find it easy and fast.





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