Chain of Fazaia colleges is a galaxy of 38 schools including 25 Schools / Colleges in Fazaia and thirteen FG Fazaia. Twenty-five of them are self-supported Fazaia institutions that have been developed to offer PAF staff quality education.

In comparison, 13 FG Fazaia educational institutions operate as a joint venture between the Air Headquarters and the FGEIs (C / G) Rawalpindi Directorate. It is noted that few seats are also available to the civil wards living near PAF bases / trainings. Fazaia Schools and Colleges provides pre- to middle-level education.

The GCE O Level program at the college is also being offered at 05 Fazaia institutions (Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad, Fazaia Inter College Nur Khan, Fazaia Inter College Minhas, Fazaia Degree College, Peshawar and Fazaia Degree College, Faisal).

Prominent Features

The Fazaia Chain contains 38 schools and colleges in Fazaia and includes 25 in Fazaia and 13 in FG Fazaia. Twenty-five Fazaia institutions are self-financing, set up to provide quality education for the PAF workers.

In comparison to 13 FG Fazaia educational institutions, Air Headquarters and FGEIs (C / G) Directorate Rawalpindi work as partnerships. The boards of civilians living near PAF bases / formations are also given restricted seats, which is highlighted. From preparatory to intermediate levels, Fazaia Schools and Colleges provides schooling.

GCE O-Level also offers programming at 05 institutions in Fazia (Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad, Fizaia Inter College Nur Khan, Fazaia Inter College Minhas, Fazaia Degree College, Faisal).

Facilities Available

All of the network’s campuses are fitted with state-of-the-art educational services within and outside the classrooms to meet the mission and educational targets set for the Fazaia chain. Fazaia campuses offer both students exclusive learning and development experiences. Facilities offered by the institutions of Fazaia are worth mentioning:

  • Congenial schools, multimedia-equipped
  • Resource and activity spaces built to develop learning skills
  • State of the art facilities for machine and language learning
  • Completely equipped experimental laboratories with sufficient equipment to ensure hands-on teaching
  • Libraries with well-stocked books on different subjects
  • Wide playgrounds that can host cricket, football, hockey, and the equipment and products needed
  • Table-Tennis courts and badminton courts
  • Squash courts
  • Futsal courts for sportsmanship induction
  • Career support and cell counselling
  • Centers for facilitation
  • Health Officers and nursing workers
  • Hospital inspection rooms that carry first aid drugs
  • Clean and healthy water for drinking by water philtres
  • Secure and healthy campuses
  • Auditoriums to perform events

Personality Grooming

The Fazaia chain is built to generate country people productive and accountable. Consequently, though acknowledging the fact that education is in line with the treatment of identity on its universities, their intellectual priorities have been formulated. The Fazaia institutions’ personality growing programme involves a variety of practises to instil in each Fazaian the ideals of a successful citizen and patriot country. These events vary from trees and cleaning drives to religious and national festivals.

It should also be noted that the Fazaia Institutions Personality Grooming Program involves educational visits of students to locations where they can study the complexities of life and various fields. This work plays a vital role in defining the personality of the students who allow them to take the lead in every aspect of life. The Student Council is a significant vehicle for fostering the cooperation, trust and leadership skills of students, amongst many events that are arranged for the spiritual identities of the students.

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