Chinese Pulled Noodles is the most famous and popular Chinese restaurant in F 11 Markaz. It is one of Islamabad’s highly reputed restaurants. The food served here is incredibly tasty, hygienic and made with pure ingredients.

Background & History:

This is the story of a husband and wife, Saleha Khan, and Su Su Su Khan, who might look Chinese but are at heart Pakistanis. Saleha and Su Su are obsessed with the Pathan culture and have taken Khan as their last name. In the summers of 2016 the dynamic duo decided to open a Chinese Muslim Restaurant.

Having come from Kashgar, Xinjiang, China, Su Su wanted to bring to Pakistan original Chinese cuisine and its own signature dishes. The pair decided to move into Islamabad and set up their restaurant in F-11 Markaz, having a penchant for travelling.


The couple goes from one table to another, trying to connect with their customers. Restaurant Saleha and Su Su are doing well, and the couple have been expanding their setup. Recently, they rebranded their shop as ‘Chinese Pulled Noodles,’ their most famous dish, arguably.

Ambiance & Cuisine

Although enjoying the delights of authentic Chinese cuisine, let us remember the hard-working people behind Pulled Noodles in China. Pakistan and China have enjoyed decades of strong ties, and as we strengthen our relationship further, there is a new kind of connection between the people of both countries; a connection of food, family and friendship. And Chinese Pulled Noodles in Islamabad is the biggest example of this.

Best Chinese Restaurant In Islamabad

This particular establishment is an unavoidable candidate for the list of Islamabad’s best Chinese restaurants. Chinese Pulled Noodles offers authentic food.

Chinese Pulled Noodles offers the same mouth watering delicious gourmet dishes but with an atmosphere matched by none and a quality at the same standard as the best. Under one roof Chinese Pulled Noodles offers a number of wonderful surroundings.

Whether it’s a fast lunch, home delivery, takeaway, relax and dine-in, exclusive catering or hosting the special event at the restaurant, they are sure to offer your every meal with pleasure and elegance. The food can also be wheeled to your residence and packed freshly by the professional and courteous staff.

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