The designers of this fast-food joint tried to reinvent the old street culture, with a new urban viewpoint. In the 15’x 65′ room, which already presented the dimensions of an old city street, an atmosphere of reminiscence was created.

Thus, various elements have been extracted from old streetscapes, such as the exposed brick textures, shuttered walls of shops, colorful doors and windows, and spontaneous graffiti, all evoking a sense of deep nostalgia. Such elements have been repeated in the design, complimented by earthy tones and metal surfaces and then bundled in contemporary art to give it an urban look.

Prominent Features

Situated in the heart of the Posh F7 area of Islamabad, the glamorous launch had blocked the main road as the Islooites rushed to get inside. Within and outside there are seating for those who want to take in the view and weather which is a trend for cafes and restaurants in the trendy Union Gold mall outer district.

In local slang Chikpat means, “As easy as it can be.” In the same concept, Dr. Aamir Rashid (owner of Tuscany Courtyard and Chikachino) thought of developing a food brand for people that is natural, organic, organic, fresh, clean and above all has a rich and authentic Pakistani food “Tarka” (flavour).

He started to formulate the definition. The challenge here was a balanced, heart-felt, high-quality, inexpensive and incredibly fast food mix to be served. Thus, after 10 months of thorough research, DR AAMIR HOLDINGS (parent company of Tuscany Courtyard, Chikachino and Chikpat)’s business development team came up with the CHIKPAT idea, which will surely give your palate an adventurous trip.

The first of its kind. Pakistani cuisine with a twist in chikpat republic the food is extremely nutritious and tastes amazing as it is made fresh every day from the purest possible ingredients from the finest source in Pakistan. Each item is hand-picked, chosen and made with a pure love for you than by hand.

Ambiance & Setting

What at Chikpat is even more fascinating is its colorful décor. Street art meets hipster in Retro. Chikpat is all things attracting millennials. It has brightly painted walls, plastered over them with funny comments. There’s a corner that has the famous neon lights wings and written on them to ‘choose your own happiness,’ attracting everyone to pose for a picture.

A huge shelf with all antique things displayed in it is one of the prominent things in the ambience. This rack has everything on show from artificial plants to retro colored cars and antique phones to numerous other small items, and even video and audio cassettes from the 80s and 90s!

The environment is really warm welcoming and full of fun. The visitors will above all take back a positive experience. So, you can call new generation chikpat a new idea. Via food Chikpat promises to give you inner happiness. They let you take over the brand and control it the way you want it to. “Choose your own happiness” is their motto.

Cuisine: Fusion Bowl

Chikpat, a new restaurant in Islamabad, has brought creativity to this concept, mixing desi and continental cuisine to be served in bowls with safe nutritious ingredients. Essentially, everybody gets to make their own bowl and interestingly, the bowl can be continental or desi, or even a combination of both.

The fusion bowl is a 5-step process in which you begin by picking a base that can be pita, rice, sandwich, iceberg lettuce or vegetable noodles. You then proceed to select your protein from grilled chicken, steak beef, pulled chicken, pulled beef and kidney beans. The third stage consists of selecting curry from black pepper sauce, red chili sauce, sweet & sour sauce, masala butter, mirchi ka salan and mushroom sauce.

Then you choose your preferred vegetable and finally choose your toppings from a selection of offerings. The idea really is just as fascinating as it is on paper. It’s pretty much like a subway desi version where you go and choose whatever you want to make a special entrance.

Other Dishes

Chikpat also serves a classic menu featuring biryani chicken, karahi, handi, daal, brain masala, baingan, stuffed karela qeema and the likes. Although having baingan on a restaurant’s menu was certainly interesting, they didn’t really live up to expectation. The karahi chicken was pretty good, as planned. Tender was the beef, thick was the gravy, and the naans that came with it were the kind that would make you forget about counting carbs.

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Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. ICCI.PK helps you find it easy and fast.




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