Andaaz saidpur seats up to 65 guests and provides scenic views of the hills of Margalla and a look into classic lifestyle in the village. The restaurant’s architecture and design reflect local traditions, and music. Designated & shared car park available for up to 15 vehicles.

Management And Staff

Chef Ahmed Chema owns Andaaz. He holds degrees in communication and culinary arts architecture. Also, he began working as a cook after completing his culinary arts education and serving secure certification, and has seventeen years of experience in the hospitality industry. Besides, he currently owns three profitable restaurants and offers consultancy services in Pakistan.

Abdul Gafur heads up the kitchen at Andaaz. Because the restaurant opened its doors in 2008, Chef Gafur has over 20 years of experience and has held the job. His team consists of well-trained cooks and dishwasher chefs. These young men were recruited across Islamabad before entering Andaaz and they had no experience working. Some have worked for over five years at Andaaz.

Ambiance & Setting

The ambiance in Andaaaz is breath taking. Miss Zarka Bajwa handles the operation and guest relations. She joined Andaaz seven years ago and was an important part of effectively providing our customers with outstanding service and winning hearts.

Also, the support team is a combination of boys and transgenders people. They have been carefully recruited and qualified with a smile to provide outclass service and manage those tough moments.

All the service workers had never worked before joining us and most have been with Andaaz for more than half a decade.

Thus, the administration department works tirelessly so that in the most friendly and safe atmosphere our kitchen and front teams can create memorable experiences for our patrons. Before they joined the place, most of our management team had no job experience and have been with us since we opened.


Special dishes: a mix of Desi and traditional Pakistani cuisine including

  • Tandoori Mela
  • Murgh Malai Tikka
  • Namak Mandi Karahi
  • Murgh Do Piaza
  • Punjabi Salaad
  • Tandori Chaa

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